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  Accountability That Works!  presents a simple process structure - before, during, and after - common to all tasks. When handled properly, this structure will ensure the clarity and completion of any task.

The Cycle of Accountability presented is:

  • The "before" phase: Responsibility - When and individual or team establishes a mindset of ownership for the task, taking complete responsibility for getting it done.

  • The "during" phase: EMPOWERMENT - When the owner(s) does whatever is necessary to complete the task. This might include action steps, a time line and gathering necessary resources.

  • The "after" phase: ACCOUNTABILITY - When the responsible party(s) owns the outcome of the task. This is when results, good or bad, are acknowledges and learning from the experience takes place.

  • And Behind It All: CLEAR AGREEMENTS - The glue that holds the three stages together so that accountability works and the organization's productivity wheels keeps turning.


The workshop teaches participants to understand these processes:

  • Ensure every task has clearly defined owner and agreement.

  • Empower themselves to keep their agreements

  • Hold together accountable for their agreements.

  • Be accountable without being defensive

  • Learn from mistakes, continually improving personally and professionally.